What’S Another Word For Double Cross?

What means deceive?

deceive, mislead, delude, beguile mean to lead astray or frustrate usually by underhandedness.

deceive implies imposing a false idea or belief that causes ignorance, bewilderment, or helplessness.

tried to deceive me about the cost mislead implies a leading astray that may or may not be intentional..

Is contempt the same as hate?

As nouns the difference between contempt and hate is that contempt is (uncountable) the state of contemning; the feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless; scorn, disdain while hate is an object of hatred.

What does it mean to look at someone with contempt?

contempt is disapproval tinged with disgust: to feel contempt for a weakling . disdain is a feeling that a person or thing is beneath one’s dignity and unworthy of one’s notice, respect, or concern: a disdain for crooked dealing .

What does mocked mean?

verb. (when intr, often foll by at) to behave with scorn or contempt (towards); show ridicule (for) (tr) to imitate, esp in fun; mimic. (tr) to deceive, disappoint, or delude. (tr) to defy or frustratethe team mocked the visitors’ attempt to score.

What does Triple Cross mean?

authority of the popethree upper arms; symbolizes authority of the pope. [ Christian Iconog.: Jobes, 386] See: Authority.

What does it mean to cross someone?

To defy, challenge, or frustrate one. Don’t cross that guy if you want a job in publishing—he’s a celebrated editor. Stephen has crossed me up so many times I just can’t trust him anymore. See also: cross.

What does double face mean?

adjective. practicing duplicity; hypocritical. having two faces or aspects. having two usable sides, especially two sides designed to be used in the same manner: double-faced adhesive tape.

Why is it called a double cross?

Etymology. First recorded in 1834 from thieves’ slang cross (or on the cross) to refer to something dishonest, a play on straight/square, and therefore a crook going back on his partners would be crossing the crossers, or double-crossing.

What is another word for contempt?

What is another word for contempt?disdainscornridiculedenigrationdespitedisgusthatredloathingobloquyodium90 more rows

What is a double cross?

: to cheat or deceive (someone) especially by doing something that is different from what you said you would do. double-cross.

What is an example of contempt?

The definition of contempt is a feeling of scorn towards another person or an act showing disrespect for someone or something. An example of contempt is the feeling that someone has for a person who stole her precious jewelry.

What does it mean to deceive yourself?

Self-deception is a process of denying or rationalizing away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing evidence and logical argument. Self-deception involves convincing oneself of a truth (or lack of truth) so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception.

What is another word for double cross?

What is another word for double-cross?betraytwo-timecrossfailstingcozenlet downbeguilebluffcon66 more rows

Is deceiving the same as lying?

Lying is a form of deception, but not all forms of deception are lies. Lying is giving some information while believing it to be untrue, intending to deceive by doing so. … A lie communicates some information. The liar intends to deceive or mislead.

What is the upside down cross with two lines?

The Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross, traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but in recent times also used as an anti-Christian symbol. In Christianity, it is associated with the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle.

What is the definition of talking behind someone’s back?

Definition of behind someone’s back : without someone’s knowledge : in secret You shouldn’t gossip about people behind their back(s). She went behind his back and spoke directly to his supervisor.

What is the meaning of Janus faced?

adjective. having two faces, one looking forward, one looking backward, as the Roman deity Janus. having two contrasting aspects, as the alternation of mood in a capricious person. two-faced; deceitful. … having or containing contrasting characteristics: a Janus-faced policy.

What does a two barred cross mean?

The two equally long bars are on the upper half of the cross and all six ends are aiguisé. In botany a balanced cross (equal length bars on equal distances) is used to mark very poisonous plants.

What do you call a two sided person?

1’she’s nothing but a two-faced liar’ SYNONYMS. deceitful, insincere, double-dealing, hypocritical, back-stabbing, false, untrustworthy, duplicitous, Janus-faced, deceiving, dissembling, dishonest. disloyal, treacherous, perfidious, faithless. lying, untruthful, mendacious.