Quick Answer: Who Was Better LeBron Or Kobe?

Who’s better LeBron or Kobe?

Kobe is definitely a much better free throw shooter than LeBron.

However, LeBron has been the better three-point shooter, and has consistently evolved as an offensive threat.

He comes up with all kinds of ways to score points.

When LeBron is in the inside, he is super powerful and very skilled..

Is Kobe a better scorer than LeBron?

Kobe’s accolades and seeming scoring dominance may be impressive, but LeBron’s are often considered better. While Bryant’s 27.4 points per game outguns James’ 26.9, the latter has averaged more points a night (27.6) than Kobe (25.5) on his career.

Who is better curry or Kobe?

Kobe was a phenomenal player and a cultural icon. He scored a mountain of points, but he didn’t impact winning to the same degree Curry does. Over the course of Curry’s career, the Warriors’ net rating is a whopping 11.5 points better when he’s on the floor: 8.92 to minus-2.58.

Is Kareem better than Kobe?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Jabbar accomplished more than Kobe could ever dream of. The master of the “sky hook” earned 19 All-Star selections, six MVP awards, and is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points. Kobe, however, has an excellent chance of surpassing his six titles.

What did LeBron say to Kobe?

LeBron James on Kobe Bryant’s Death: ‘I Promise You I’ll Continue Your Legacy’ It was just Saturday night that LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant for third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. On Monday night, James shared an emotional tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend on his Instagram page.

Did LeBron and Kobe close?

For years, the LeBron James-Kobe Bryant relationship had been defined by not meeting in the NBA Finals. LeBron and Kobe played together on Team USA, and they admired each other. But they didn’t share the deepest bond. LeBron had his close friends – Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul.

Who is the most skilled basketball player ever?

Kobe BryantAccording to Perkins, the late Kobe Bryant is the most skilled of all-time followed by Michael Jordan. The two NBA legends were eerily similar on the court. Bryant did all he could to model his game after Jordan, and it showed. The two all-time greats are considered the two best shooting-guards of all-time.

Is Kobe the best scorer ever?

Greater Scorer Kareem or Kobe: Kareem is the all time leading scorer we all know this. He passed Wilt Chamberlain Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. … Kobe has mastered those shots that’s why he has scored 50 points more than once in his career.

Why Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron?

Kobe is a more complete player LeBron might be more dominant player, but Kobe is a more versatile and well-rounded player, which gives him the edge. While LeBron is an all-around player, with explosive power that makes him almost impossible to guard, he lacks instinct and on-court elegance and style.

Who is better than Kobe Bryant?

Jordan posted higher rates of steals, blocks and defensive rebounds than Bryant, and team-based defensive metrics like Dean Oliver’s defensive rating consider Jordan far superior (101.1 to 105.4; lower is better on defense) over the age 21 through 34 span after translating for era.

Who was better Kareem or Magic?

Kareem beats Magic in just about every major statistical category except steals and assists and beats Johnson in just about every personal award a player can get. One big award a player can get that Johnson beats Jabbar in is NBA Finals MVP’s. Magic has three and Kareem has two.

Who is more famous Kobe or LeBron?

LeBron has almost twice as many hits. It just goes to show that LeBron really has taken over as the more popular player, largely because of his impact within the country. Kobe certainly makes a bigger impact around the rest of the globe, but “global impact” includes the country in which the NBA actually takes place.

Who has more game winners Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is Kobe has already tied Jordan in terms of making game winning shots after his shot against the Bucks raised his total to 27—the same as Jordan. In his career, Jordan averaged 33.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists, while shooting 48.7 percent from the field.

Is Steph Curry better than Kyrie Irving?

Curry has better shooting skills because his shooting percentage is higher than Kyrie Irving’s. … Even though Irving managed to outshine Curry in one of the NBA championships finals, Curry has better records and stats than Irving.

Is Curry top 10 all time?

Look: Stephen Curry is a fantastic player. He is a borderline top five player in the NBA and, at worst, is in the top 10. He is the greatest shooter in league history. … But his track record in the finals is not where it needs to be if he wants to be considered a top 10 player who has ever played this game.

Is Kobe the greatest of all time?

Kobe is the fourth-leading scorer in NBA history. He is second in All-Star appearances (18), won five championships, was MVP once, and averaged 25 points per game. … In some circles, this made Kobe as big as Michael Jordan. And you can probably find folks who’d rank Kobe as the best basketball player of all time.

What was Shaq’s number when he played for the Lakers?

Player Profile:Full Name:Shaquille Rashaun O’NealJersey Number:32 (Magic), 34 (Lakers), 32 (Heat, Suns), 33 (Cavaliers), 36 (Celtics) – view jerseys…Height:7-1 / 2.16 mtsWeight:325 lbs / 147.4 kgNickname:Shaq, The Diesel, MDE (Most Dominant Ever), The Big Aristotle, Superman8 more rows