Quick Answer: What Is Soft Touch Lamination?

What is the difference between glossy and matte lamination?

Matte lamination has a “velvety” texture that makes it pleasant to handle.

It also softens the contrast of darker colors so that they don’t stand out quite as much.

Gloss lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page..

What is the difference between coating and laminating?

INTRODUCTION • Coating and laminating are two of the most widely used processes for transforming flexible films and sheets into products • Coating is the process of applying one or more layers of a fluid or melt to the surface of a material, while laminating is the bonding of two or more webs.

Can you write on soft touch business cards?

Verified Reply Verified Reply – Sasha-GayeOur soft touch business cards have a two-sided coating which makes them not ideal for writing on. We would recommend using an uncoated paper such as our uncoated business cards or recycled matte business cards.

Are matte or glossy business cards better?

Glossy business cards tend to be better quality and more protective than matte ones. … If you are planning to have a photo, logo or professional headshot on your business cards, a glossy finish is best. This will make the them look vibrant and highlight good contrast.

Can you write on matte business cards?

Matte Finish off business cards – The Matte finish off cards possess smooth, non glossy look and appear quite stylish. … As a result, avoid using any gloss celloglaze types of finish for the back section of your business cards in order to write anything on it.

What is velvet lamination?

Velvet lamination provides such a soft texture that has been compared to the skin of a fresh peach! Also known as “velvet-feel”, it adds a protective layer that results in long-lasting prints with a delicate feel.

How do I make a digital business card?

How it worksSign Up. Download the app and create your free account.Create Your Card. Add video, custom colors, social media, web URLs and more.Share Your Card. Share your digital business card with anyone, even if they do not have the app.Follow-Up.

What is velvet touch?

Velvet soft touch business cards use a water based coating that results in a plush, luxurious, velvet or suede-like texture. … Some say they feel like velvet, suede, rubber, or even a high grade leather.

What is silk lamination?

A silk matte laminated paper is a type of paper coated with matte plastic film that makes it durable yet smooth to the touch. The material is neither 100% shiny nor 100% matte. … This durable and subtly textured finish is achieved through a process called silk lamination.

How do you make a lamination less shiny?

How to Eliminate Glare on a Laminated Classroom Word Wall1) Start with a laminated word wall. This is especially great if you already have your word wall laminated and are super bummed about it being shiny.2) On a warm dry day, spray a thin coat of clear, flat spray paint on your laminated word wall references.3) Let dry. It’s done!

What is soft touch coating?

Soft Touch® Coating. … It is a coating that, when applied, creates a velvety texture. The paper becomes “soft” to the touch and increases the tactile appeal. Soft Touch® coating creates a softer look and feel on printed materials than either aqueous or UV coating, while creating a barrier which is fingerprint resistant.

Is soft touch lamination recyclable?

Gloss, Satin, Matte and Soft-Touch Aqueous coatings are water-based and can be recycled. … The ability to recycle UV paper products can vary from state to state. Lamination (at this time) is not considered an environmentally friendly finish.

What is Matt lamination?

Matt Lamination Compared to other glosses, a matt laminate is more of a ‘natural’ look. Unlike gloss lamination, matt lamination can provide a softer look, as it can produce lower contrast on darker colours. The texture of a matt laminate is velvety, which makes it a pleasant handling experience for numerous users.