Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Be Longlisted?

What does it mean to be Longlisted for a job?

A long-list for something such as a job or a prize is a large group that has been chosen from all the people who applied for the job, or all the people or things that are competing for the prize.

The successful ones from this group are chosen to go on the shortlist..

What is the difference between shortlisted and longlisted?

As verbs the difference between shortlist and longlist is that shortlist is to place something on a short list while longlist is to add to a longlist; to consider prior to a later and narrower shortlist.

What does it mean to be on the shortlist?

A short list or shortlist is a list of candidates for a job, prize, award, political position, etc., that has been reduced from a longer list of candidates (sometimes via intermediate lists known as “long lists”). … A candidate on a short list may or may not receive the award or position.

What is a long list called?

Noun. Extensive list. catalogUS. catalogueUK.

What is a list of items called?

What is another word for list of items?agendaschedulespecificationprospectuslisticlearrangementarchivechorespreparationslogbook95 more rows

What does litany mean?

noun, plural lit·a·nies. a ceremonial or liturgical form of prayer consisting of a series of invocations or supplications with responses that are the same for a number in succession. the Litany, the supplication in this form in the Book of Common Prayer. a recitation or recital that resembles a litany.

Is being shortlisted for a job good?

To be shortlisted for an interview means that you have successfully completed an application form or produced an effective CV which has enabled you to stand out from the crowd, and meet the job criteria as specified by the employer. … It is an opportunity for you to breathe life into your application form or CV.

What is it called when you list things?

In English grammar, a series is a list of three or more items (words, phrases, or clauses), usually arranged in parallel form. Also known as a list or catalog. The items in a series are usually separated by commas (or semicolons if the items themselves contain commas).

How do you get shortlisted?

Here’s some tips to secure a place on that all important shortlist: Make it Relevant – highlight relevant work experience and success. If you’ve worked in a completely different role for the past five years, but have highly relevant experience prior to that – call it ‘relevant’ experience and put it up front.

What is the purpose of shortlisting?

The purpose of shortlisting is to identify those candidates who best meet the selection criteria for the post; who are most likely to be capable of carrying out the duties of the job; and about whom you wish to find out more during a formal interview.

What is the shortlisting process?

Definition: Shortlisting is the process of identifying the candidates from your applicant pool who best meet the required and desired criteria for the open req and who you want to move forward. How to shortlist: Determine your shortlist criteria, create a scorecard, and screen resumes against that scorecard.