Quick Answer: What Disorder Does Joe Have In You?

Is Joe Goldberg a serial killer?

Joe is a serial killer, stalker and former bookstore manager who, upon meeting Guinevere Beck at his workplace in New York, starts to develop an extreme, toxic and delusional obsession..

Who Killed Joe Goldberg?

Season 1#1: Benji. Netflix. In an effort to get closer to Beck, Joe kidnapped and killed her pretentious on-again-off-again boyfriend Benji. … #2: Peach. Netflix. … #4: Ron. Netflix. … #5: Beck. Netflix. … #1: Jasper. Screenshot. … #2: Henderson. Netflix. … #3: Joe’s mom’s abuser (or father) Screenshot. … #2: Delilah. Netflix.More items…•

What mental illness does Joe Exotic have?

impulsive explosive disorder (rage disorder)Joe is an eccentric person who has taken lots of risks in his life and appears to experience impulsive explosive disorder (rage disorder). In 2018, Joe was sentenced to 22 years in prison for participating in a murder-for-hire scheme to kill his primary adversary, Carole Baskin.

Who did Beck cheat on Joe with?

You Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: I Made That Beck Famous. Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime. Last week on You, Joe (Penn Badgley) forgave Beck (Elizabeth Lail) for cheating on him with Dr. Nicky (John Stamos).

Does Joe kill Dr Nicky in you?

Nicky is the therapist of Guinevere Beck and Joe Goldberg (alias Paul). After numerous therapy sessions with both characters, Dr. … was having an affair with Beck and was very obsessive of her during their therapy sessions. Upon discovering his affair with Beck, Joe contemplates killing him but decides not to do so.

What did Joe do to Candace?

As we learn in season two, Joe did attempt to murder Candace, and he thought he had succeeded. But nope: He left Candace still breathing, and she was able to escape. Now she’s determined to seek revenge and make sure Joe doesn’t hurt Love (Victoria Pedretti), the woman he starts seeing after moving to Los Angeles.

What happened to Mr Mooney in you?

Mr Mooney is the bookshop owner of Mooney’s where Joe Goldberg is the store manager. … According to Joe’s account, Mr Mooney suffered a stroke and was left paralysed and unable to talk. Joe confessed to Beck Mr Mooney was left lying on the floor for two days and he was the one who found him.

Why did Beck cheat on Joe?

When Joe went to Beck’s therapist because he suspected she was cheating on him. After Peach’s death, things between Joe and Beck went sour. Soon, he thought she was cheating on him with her therapist, Dr. Nicky, so Joe decided to become his patient, too.

Did Beck actually sleep with Dr Nicky?

Joe and Beck date on and off for a few months, but after Peach’s death, they really connect and seem like they’re in a good place (from Joe’s perspective). But then he figures out that the whole time they’ve been together, she’s actually been sleeping with her therapist, Dr. Unfortunately for Dr. …

Did Joe kill Beck in you?

WARNING: Spoilers for You Season 2 ahead. Season 1 ended with protagonist and obsessed murderer Joe Goldberg seemingly killing his aspiring writer girlfriend, Guinevere Beck, after she discovers his obsession with her and tries to escape his bookstore basement dungeon.

Why do people love Joe Goldberg?

Joe Goldberg just wants to be loved, and at times, he does seem like a hopeless romantic. What You viewers who love Joe tend to overlook is that he goes about this the wrong way, choosing to try and manipulate others into their best selves rather than accepting them for who they are.

Does Joe kill love?

It may be that Joe has to kill Love to stop her from killing their neighbour. While fans have been busy theorising over, the cast have opened up on the killer twist at the end of season two which saw Love kill Delilah (Carmela Zumbado).

Who is Will Bettelheim in you?

Robin Lord TaylorWill Bettelheim is a recurring character in the second season of You. He is portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor.

Is Joe Goldberg a good guy?

It should be easy enough to dismiss the hit Netflix series’ main character, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), as a bad guy. … From an outside perspective—the perspective that Joe’s partners and friends see—Joe is a good guy. He is charming, he is thoughtful, he is sweet. He is the ideal boyfriend.

Is Joe from you a narcissist?

It imprisons viewers in the point-of-view of Joe (Penn Badgley), a nice-guy narcissist who meets the girl of his dreams, then quietly stalks her to transform himself into her perfect guy.