Quick Answer: How Much Does Xplornet Cost Per Month?

How fast is Xplornet Internet?

25 MbpsHowever, whether you chose HD or SD, Xplornet offers high-speed packages with speeds of up to 25 Mbps, allowing you and your family to stream your favourite shows or movies smoothly either way!.

Does Bell own xplornet?

On February 16, 2017, Bell announced that as part of its acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), it would divest a portion of its wireless subscribers to Xplornet. … Xplornet will receive 24,700 MTS subscribers, as well as 6 retail locations, and wireless spectrum.

Does Xplornet offer TV?

It is easier than ever to cut the cord in rural and remote Canada. All you need to get started is a great Internet connection. Call Xplornet at 1-877-959-5717 or visit our website to find available packages, and open up a world of incredible online content for you and your family!

What is the best option for rural internet?

Best internet service for rural areas:Viasat—Best satellite internet.CenturyLink—Best DSL internet.Rise Broadband—Best fixed wireless.Verizon Wireless—Best mobile wireless.

How does xplornet LTE work?

Fixed wireless technology allows us to place a tower in an area nearby and, with the Xplornet antenna on the side of your house, link your home up with the nearest tower to access the Internet. Through that connection, the tower then distributes fixed wireless Internet to your home with speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

How much does xplornet cost?

The new unlimited broadband data plans are available at all speed levels and are affordably priced from $59.99 to $99.99 per month.

How much does it cost to cancel xplornet?

28. What fees apply?Service FeesAmountActivation Fee$49.99 – $99.99Modem Rental Fee$5-$15Early Cancellation Charge (1-year fixed term)$120Early Cancellation Charge (2-year fixed term)$240

Why is rural internet so bad?

2. There aren’t enough potential customers in rural areas to entice Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to invest in building those networks. … Even when rural customers do reach out to ISPs, they offer them cellular options such as LTE Sticks and MiFi, which usually means limited data at higher prices.

Which is better HughesNet or Viasat?

Both Viasat (Exede) and HughesNet are available almost anywhere in the US, but Viasat offers faster download speeds—up to 100 Mbps. … HughesNet speeds max out at 25 Mbps. Viasat plans start as low as $30.00 a month for 12 Mbps, which is half the price of HughesNet’s cheapest plan—$59.99 for 25 Mbps.

Why is HughesNet so slow?

Poor quality or damaged network cables can also cause speed issues as well! … If, for some reason, the proper cable, connectors, ground blocks and so on are not being used between your HughesNet modem and antenna, this could easily result in slow speeds!

How do I cancel xplornet?

To cancel your service, contact Xplornet’s Customer Care Centre, 24/7/365, at 1-866-841-6001. Xplornet will refund the amounts charged towards the cost of the standard Xplornet Equipment Installation, and any funds paid to Xplornet for the first 30 days of Internet service.

How do I pay my Xplornet bill?

Xplornet customers have two payment options for their Internet service – pre-authorized credit card (PAC) or pre-authorized debit (PAD) – a direct withdrawal from a bank account. Pre-authorized payments are easy and convenient. We do require a pre-authorized method of payment on your account.