Question: Who Is Called The Prince Of Pop?

Who is considered the queen of pop?

As the reigning Queen of Pop — a title she’s held for a whopping 33 years — it is Madonna’s royal duty to deem whom among the crop of wannabe successors is worthy of claiming her throne..

Who is the best pop star?

Bad Bunny, a Puerto Rican Trap King, Is the World’s Biggest Pop Star. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio was bagging groceries at a supermarket and attending college when he uploaded a song to SoundCloud in 2016 under the pseudonym Bad Bunny.

Who can beat Michael Jackson?

TAYLOR Swift looks set to beat King of Pop Michael Jackson’s American Music Awards record after being named its Artist of the Decade. The Lover singer, 29, currently has 23 AMAs, and when she receives the coveted award next month will equal MJ’s 24-gong haul.

Who is the No 1 singer in the world?

Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber follows with 163 weeks at number one. On October 2016, the South Korean boy band BTS landed the number one spot on the Social 50 chart, becoming the second K-Pop act, after Psy, to reach first place on the chart.

Who is shawns girlfriend?

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello and Shawn Mendes met in 2014, and over the past few years, they have publicly supported each other, expressed their love for one another, and created music together.

Who is the most loved singer?

The most famous pop music artists in America98% Michael Jackson. Music Artist. … 98% Jennifer Lopez. Music Artist. … 98% Justin Bieber. Music Artist. … 98% Lady Gaga. Music Artist. … 98% Taylor Swift. Music Artist. … Explore your very own audience with YouGov’s new Audience Explorer. Try the FREE Audience Explorer.97% Miley Cyrus. Music Artist. … 97% Beyoncé Music Artist.More items…

Is Justin Bieber the Prince of Pop?

There’s a new prince in town – and it’s NOT Justin Bieber! According to Observer Magazine, with Shawn Mendes on the cover, they have pronounced him to be the ‘prince of pop’ – a title Justin Bieber ‘apparently’ had once-upon-a-time ago and well, he just got dethroned by the Pickering cutie.

Who is the Prince of Pop 2019?

Shawn MendesAll hail the prince(s) of pop! On Monday (April 8), Justin Bieber took to Instagram to jokingly challenge The Guardian’s declaration that fellow Canadian star Shawn Mendes is the new “Prince of Pop.”

Who is the King of Pop 2020?

Navi is the only tribute artist ever to be chosen by Michael Jackson himself. Michael personally gave Navi a standing ovation after he was invited to perform at one of MJ’s lavish birthday parties in Los Angeles.

Who has more fans Justin Bieber or Shawn?

Follower Count. BIEBER: 108 million (Instagram) + 105 million (Twitter) + 77 million (Facebook) = 290 million followers. MENDES: 42.8 million (Instagram) + 21.6 million (Twitter) + 7.5 million (Facebook) = 71.9 million followers.

Is Katy Perry the Queen of Pop?

With a combination of personality, sex appeal and exceptionally well written pop songs, she has become one of the most famous faces in the business, now to the point whereby she is the current reigning Queen of Pop.

Who is Prince of Pop?

singer Justin BieberCanadian singer Justin Bieber has been referred to as the “Prince of Pop” and “King of Teen Pop”.