Question: What Is The Least Dense Gas?

Why is gas the least dense?

Gases are less dense than solids and liquids because their molecules are far apart in comparison to solids and liquids.

Density is volumemass.

Because the molecules of a gas are spread apart, they have the least volumemass, and are therefore less dense..

What is the most dense gas?

Tungsten HexafluorideTungsten Hexafluoride: The densest known gas.

What is the least dense liquid?

liquid hydrogenHydrogen has the lowest molecular weight, so liquid hydrogen would be the least dense of all liquids at its own boiling point.

Which gas has lowest density?

heliumSo the gas with the lowest density will be the gas with the lowest mass/mole. This is helium. As Helium has lowest molecular mass ,it will have lowest density. Type “noble gases densities” in google.