Question: Is There Any Space Available At Tut?

What is the APS score for teaching at Tut?

22To be considered for this qualification, applicants must have an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 22.

Assessment procedures: No further assessment will be done.

Applicants who achieve the minimum APS will be consi- dered until the programme complement is full..

How much is the admission fee at Tut?

An application fee of R240 must accompany your application form. This fee covers the administration cost of processing application forms and is non-refundable in the event of your application being unsuccessful.

Does Tut still have space?

The majority of spaces available for first-year students have already been filled, however we will continuously update the public should spaces become available again during January. The updates will be posted on TUT’s Website on, its social media platforms and in the media.

Is Tut open for 2021?

TUT application for 2021 admission open on 1 April 2020 and will close on the 30 September 2020.

Which courses does Tut offer?

ProspectusArts and Design. Design Studies. … Economics and Finance. Accounting. … Engineering and the Built Environment. Architecture and Industrial Design. … Humanities. Applied Languages. … Information and Communication Technology. Computer Science. … Management Sciences. … Science. … Students’ Rules and Regulations.

How do I know that Tut has accepted me?

To check your application status and acceptance letter please go to the TUT Website and click on ‘Check your admission status’ under Quick Links on right of the screen. You can either use your ID number or your surname, names and date of birth.

Does Tut offer pharmacy?

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at TUT and the University of Limpopo jointly offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. Students enter University of Limpopo and Tshwane University of Technology on a full-time basis. … We also offer a B Tech: Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Does UJ accept NCV students?

For admission to a Degree (4 years) the applicant must have: A NCV (level 4) issued by the Council for General and Further Education / and Training. Achieved a minimum of 70% for 5 of the 7 subjects – fundamental and vocational categories.

Can I apply with my Grade 12 June results at UJ?

Can I apply with my mid-year grade 12 results for undergraduate programmes? No, you may not. Applicants currently in grade 12 must either enter their final grade 11 results online or fill it in on the Hardcopy application form.

Which courses are still available at TUT for 2020?

List of all TUT courses provided in 2020Accounting – three levels of studies.Auditing – six levels of studies.Economics – four levels of studies.Finance and investment.Public sector finance – two levels of studies.

How much is the late application fee at Tut?

TUT registration fees start with an application fee of R240 that is attached with the application form. This fee caters for the administrative costs incurred in the application processing period. Keep in mind that the fee is non-refundable whether the application was successful or not.

What does Tut stand for?

TUT Stands For:RankAbbreviationMeaning*****TUTTotally Unique Thought sms*****TUTTake Your Time****TUTPlayer is currently acting as mentor for a youngster at the club Sport Football****TUTTime Under Tension Physics21 more rows

Does Tut offer teaching?

Primary Education: Our aim as a department which provides training for formative years is to nurture young minds through well prepared teachers. …

Is Nsfas still open for 2020?

NSFAS applications for student funding for the 2020 academic year are open from 1 September to 30 November 2019.

Is Tut still open for applications?

Applications for study at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in 2021 are fully online. Application for admission to undergraduate study programmes for both South African and international citizens closing on specific dates in the year preceding the year of study.

Which courses are still available at TUT for 2021?

List of all TUT University Courses Available in 2021Economics and Finance. TUT offers the following courses in its economics and finance TUT 2021 prospectus pdf: … Engineering and the Built environment. … Humanities. … Information and Communication Technology. … Management Sciences. … Science. … Arts.

Does Tut offer law?

​The Tshwane University of Technology is the first university in South Africa that introduced a three-year qualification in paralegal studies (known as legal assistance). It is our mission to provide training of the highest quality and to equip students with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Does Tut have nursing course?

A number of programmes are offered on undergraduate, post basic and postgraduate levels in Nursing with speciality in oncology, occupational health and nursing science. … Though the school falls under the Faculty of Science, which is located at the Arcadia Campus, the school operates from Pretoria Campus.

Can I still apply at UJ?

Applications open on 1 April of the year preceding the year of intended study and closes on 30 September 2020 at 12:00 noon for Honours and Coursework Masters.

Can I study part time at Tut?

TUT provides you with an opportunity to study in your field of interest in a quick, easy, and affordable manner. We offer a range of short learning programmes that you can study part-time or full time, which will be updated on a regular basis.