Question: Can I Upgrade My Virgin Router?

Can neighbors steal your WiFi?

And without the proper security, someone could easily hop onto your wireless network.

When wireless squatters steal your WiFi, they eat up your bandwidth.

In extreme cases, they may even steal information off your computer or infect machines on your network with a virus.

But fear not: It’s easy to fight back..

Can I upgrade my virgin router for free?

A Virgin Media Spokesperson said: “We are offering selected customers in a small number of locations the opportunity to upgrade to a Hub 4 free of charge. We’ll be extending this offer later in the year so even more of our customers can benefit from our latest and most powerful router.”

How can I boost my virgin WiFi signal?

If you prefer, you can follow these steps to get the best WiFi signal around your home…Don’t tuck your Hub away. … Switch channel with a reboot. … Reduce obstacles to get a clearer signal. … Remember some devices are limited. … Give your gadgets and gizmos a break. … Use an Ethernet/Wired connection where possible.More items…

Is the Virgin Media Router good?

In our opinion Virgin Media’s router is pretty impressive. All broadband customers get the same router: the Hub 3.0. Some other providers, such as BT, on the other hand, offer a lower-end router for their entry-level bundles, meaning if you want to upgrade or downgrade, you might need a different bit of kit.

How do I get a new router from virgin?

If you still have one of Virgin Media’s older routers, and have checked you’re on a decent deal (see above) you can request the Hub 3 for free by calling it on 0345 454 1111 or through your online account – and you won’t need to sign up to a new contract to get one.

Is it worth buying a new router?

Buying a Router Can Be Cheaper in the Long Run This rental becomes an added cost on your monthly bill. If you already have a router, you don’t need to rent out the ISP’s model. While the upfront cost of buying your own router is more, the long-term costs of an ISP router vs. your own router will save you money.

Can I use my old virgin router as a wifi extender?

If you have any “Wifi Black Spots” or “Wifi Dead Zones” around the house (areas that don’t receive a good signal or no signal at all) then you could use your old router as a repeater and effectively create a second wireless network in your home. …

Is Virgin Media Hub 3 Any Good?

But perhaps the best thing about the Virgin Media Hub 3 is the fact that you can switch it into modem-only mode and hook up a third-party router, to gain access to the latest, fastest network connections and other fancy features. If you’re stuck with the Hub 3 it’s not the end of the world.

What is the latest hub from Virgin?

The Virgin Media Super Hub lets you connect more than 20 different devices so you can play games, download files and stream music simultaneously – and all at rapid speeds. It’s also 5GHz compatible (unlike BT’s Home Hub 3 and routers from other providers).

What is the best router for Virgin broadband?

The Asus RT-AC3200 is a Tri band router which has two 5Ghz radios, which is great if you have a lot a 5Ghz clients connecting the same time. but not much use if your 5 Ghz requirements are modest. In this case a cheaper Dual band router may suit your requirements better.

Can I connect another router to my virgin superhub?

“• Plug your cable router’s WAN port into any of the LAN ports on the Hub. On the LAN IP page examine the DHCP lease info; you should see your PC and the second router. Note the MAC address of the router and add it to the DHCP reservation section and give the second router an IP address of say 192.168.

What’s the best WiFi booster for Virgin Media?

Virgin Media subscribers may already know that they can get a Powerline Adapter through Virgin themselves. However, if you’d prefer to opt for a Wi-Fi extender from a third-party alternative, we highly recommend the NETGEAR Wifi Range Extender EX6120.

Do Virgin give free WiFi boosters?

Boosters are at no extra monthly cost for Full House TV / Maxit TV customers and above (customers can check in My Virgin Media to see if they’re eligible). Monthly charge will apply if you downgrade to an ineligible Virgin Fibre package.

Can I use a different router with Virgin?

Cable operator Virgin Media does at least recognise that their customers may wish to use the SuperHub router in modem-only mode and so they support dual-use with a second router.

Can I have 2 Virgin media hubs?

Just to complete, although you can physically use a splitter and connect two modems only one modem can be connected to the Internet\Virgin at one as its MAC address is tied to the your broadband subscription.

Can you just buy a router and have internet?

Buying a router won’t give you internet access. You need a provider to get that. The provider will have to bring their cable into your apartment. … Some providers allow you to use your own router, but if you don’t know much about how the internet works, you’re better off using the provider’s router.